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K Brown The One


K Brown has crafted a simple and colourful pop hit with this single – quirky and family friendly, loaded with familiar rhymes and a refreshing sense of optimism that’s been all but missing from much of modern music.

Stylistically, The One begins as something of a folk-pop song – a characterful vocal leads the way and keeps your focus on the lyrics and the melody initially. As the track builds up and evolves, it soon becomes this retro moment of dance-pop – an instrumental drop takes the reigns as the melody falls away. Then, following this, the song reverts back to that recognisable, short-form melody, and all of a sudden you have an accessible and memorable anthem at your disposal.

A well-written piece, unique in multiple ways but also simple and familiar enough to connect with a broader audience and listeners of all ages. That hook is fairly minimalist, but it works – we can all sing that line, we can all anticipate it as those vintage synths rain down.

Nicely done, hopefully there’s more music to follow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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