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K-Blitz Toxic Love


Prior to the release of his brand new album Paroxysm, K-Blitz’ single Toxic Love is a song that leads with the turmoil and addiction involved in holding onto toxic relationships. However, there’s a laid-back, classic hip hop and pop aura to the song, so the concept never weighs too heavily on the listener – far from it, actually.

Things emerge as a summer-time anthem, inspired by the styles of the genre from a decade or two ago. Providing all at once a catchy, melodic hook, a widely relatable concept, and a series of rap verses that showcase a clever and confident lyricist and performer, Toxic Love is an easy track to turn to, and introduces an artist and upcoming album that are well worth looking out for.

Also released in anticipation of the new project, Remix turns down a darker pathway, highlighting versatility in a big way, yet still bringing through that quickly familiar, confident and clever rap style that is K-Blitz.

Both tracks are anthem-like by nature, both completely unique from one-another, yet still underlying that lyrical prowess and ever-evolving flow that runs throughout his work. Defiantly an album worth exploring as and when it hits the web.

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