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Justine Blanchet Hard To Love


Bringing together the familiar organic embrace of country with a pop-ready overtone and a huge chorus, Justine Blanchet keeps things emotive and honest, for the relatable new single Hard To Love.

Featuring an increasingly bright, multi-layered soundscape, along with simple, short verse lines, the song builds up towards its explosive hook in a way that effectively underlines the contrast between longing and frustration.

There’s a clear sense of growing passion as things progress, something that reaches a worthy peak as the electric guitar solo strikes during the final third. Our leading artist Justine also delivers this evolution with easy precision, offering quiet, subtle verses, before raising the bar for a still believable yet mighty hook.

Maintaining a recognisable vocal nuance and style throughout, Justine shines brightly as a performer for the entirety of the new release. Hard To Love has the makings of a timeless classic, yet there’s also a delicacy about it, both vocally and in the production, which helps secure its role as a refreshing new take on the complexities of love.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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