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Justin Salter You and Me


Justin Salter keeps the summer vibes alive with this latest single You and Me. What first emerges as a delicately jazz-infused pop song – a dreamlike ambiance, a sense of joy – later evolves to become something of a classically mellow hip hop release.

Salter has structured the song so each of the various sections work effectively in holding close to your interest. The accompanying video furthers this effect as Salter and his team have clearly put a lot of thought and indeed fun into the story-line and scenes that unfold in unison with the song.

The track’s hook is undoubtedly the main thing you take away from this release. The you and me line appears with a simple ear-worm of a melody, not intrusive at all but in keeping with the chilled out vibe of the overall track; making sure you’ll remember it, but not in an overbearing manner. The vocal performance of this melody has a similar energy to it, almost whispered in nature – reinforcing the central intimacy and underlying sentiment of the entire song. It feels like a song for lovers in just about every way possible.

The additional vocal fragments that light up the space between lines add a higher dynamic and an additional layer of colour that helps the song maintain that joyful, easy going aura. The rap plays a similar role, offering delicate depth of tone and a further streak of intimacy – the personal touch goes a long way within the walls of the single. A few minimalist but effective elements help make certain you’ll recognize this the next time it pours through on the playlist or indeed the radio. It’s also a great track to help warm up the winter months that await us.

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