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Justin Craft All Good Things


What first emerges here as a simple folk sound, soon shows its true colors as a much more broadly influenced, heartfelt and warm presentation of stunning songwriting.

Justin Craft’s EP All Good Things slips into view with the delicate embrace of It’s You – a track that sees the singer progress from gentle, poetic verses to a fully immersive, harmony-soaked hook. On top of this, the song is so genuinely appreciative of the you in question – the imagery and the honesty, the tone of voice; everything just breathes realness and gratitude into the performance and subsequently into the room around you. A beautiful way to begin the project, and things continue to impress from here on in.

Hardly Wait follows the opener and sees that hint of pop-rock from the opening vocal re-appear. A quicker melody-line and a slowly evolving soundscape walk hand in hand – painting yet another incredibly loving and optimistic song that brightens up even the darkest mood. The title of this EP makes a promise and tries hard to keep it. For the most part, what you get when you listen is generally all good things.

By the time Grapevine swings into view, the set-up and the sound of that voice, even the melodic structuring, all appears with a certain flavor that seems recognisable as Justin Craft. Conceptually though, this song sees personal turmoil enter the process. The music remains hopeful, but the lyrics detail uncertainty and the struggle of confronting rumors. There’s an added sadness in how bright the instrumentation sounds next to that vocal, making it pour through with all the more poignancy.

Don’t Tell Me sees the artist delve a little deeper into his own feelings and experiences, the thought process is somewhat more intense and this lets the words connect on a whole other level. You appreciate that honesty as much as the optimism from earlier. The two voices sound gorgeous together, and the acoustic backdrop is so mellow that it lays bare the key emotions of the song in a profound fashion.

Everything will be OK – at least that’s what I’ll say. 

After confronting the highs and lows of life at this time, Justin brings the EP to a close with the deeply reflective and entrancing Love Myself. There’s softness leading to soul on this track, the verses seem tired and unsure of themselves, then the hook resolves and brightens – the performance strengths, the melody meanders more freely.

Love Myself is an easy highlight from the entire project – that realness again is mesmerising, it reaches out to speak with those parts of us that lose ourselves within our own thoughts all too often. The melodic development is also refreshingly interesting, the key and the scales touched upon, feeling far less folk-like but something else entirely – almost soft-rock, alternative and genuine. A great way to finish and a stand-out song in itself. The project in full though is undoubtedly where the real experience lies. Justin has built this with intention, and you can hear the various layers and intricacies emerging one by one as you make your way through the short collection. A pleasure to listen to.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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