Just Will - Nightmare ft. Derrick Branch - Stereo Stickman

Just Will Nightmare ft. Derrick Branch


There’s a lot to love about this release. The music comes through as this mellow set of vibes; a simple wave of synths, a gentle beat with a touch of melancholy just setting you up for the ideas that follow. And they are some fascinating ideas, expressed by means of a smooth and somewhat haunting melody.

Just Will comes through as a deeply thoughtful and genuine artist. The accompanying video furthers this feeling significantly, but even just listening to his words and his voice – you get a sense that this is all very real for him, that it means something. This deeply personal lyricism can often detach a track from its audience, but in this case the words intrigue and welcome you all at once. At the same time as being an effective bit of escapism for you, as a listener, the song feels as if it’s also a necessary bit of therapy or escapism for the artist – as if it helps to reach out and express in this way, to connect with an audience through music.

Derrick Branch’s feature on the track offers an alternative perspective, a change in character – the vibe is maintained and both vocalists work well within this musical setting. The song’s hook is the key thing to take away from the piece – the melody, the slow delivery of the words; one by one, directing this call for help, this desperation, straight into your heart. The honesty is intense, but the music is so smooth and mellow; the contrast is powerful. If at first it seems easy to listen to, simply enjoyable, the depth of the lyricism and the subtle emotion in the leading artist’s voice soon call for you to relate far more profoundly with the song. Depth isn’t all that common in modern music, so when you find it, it’s well worth tuning in. Just Will has something fresh to offer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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