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Just Jon Walk Away


Summer 2019 is almost upon us, and Just Jon’s brand new single Walk Away is set to light things up in just the right way. Leading with a world-music inspired instrumental set-up, a simple and memorable riff but a hint of those beach-side vibes early on, the song evolves to become the sort of pop-dance crossover that always makes waves around this time of year. Showcasing a superb set of production skills, creative and clearly audience aware, Walk Away introduces Just Jon’s work in a quickly uplifting manner.

Though there’s an underlying sense of isolation and melancholy to the song’s story-line – heartbreak and a lack of remorse from the other party – the music and the way the lyrics progress all leans in a decidedly bright direction. The single evolves to become way more about overcoming struggle – it’s a moment of self-realization and empowerment, and both the vocal delivery and the musicality reflect this beautifully.

The riffs and the rhythm that rains down following the drop of the hook make for a gorgeously energizing yet rightfully delicate experience – this isn’t a heavy EDM track as it stands, there’s a clear potential for remix, but in its natural form this is way more of a warming instance of togetherness – the sort of track you’d hear from across the field at a festival, that would unite everyone in a moment of sheer bliss. A pleasure to stumble upon and I look forward to a few re-plays over the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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