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Jupiter In Velvet Beautiful New Day


Jupiter In Velvet drives with what initially feels like a classic rock and roll sound – vintage crackles and a strong, raspy vocal lead the way for Heavy Like A Brick. As this album progresses though, and quite soon into that journey, the strength of the songwriting takes centre stage far more noticeably than anything else.

Beautiful New Day offers both the classic vibrancy of genuine rock and roll, and the refreshing colour and energy of some brand new, expressive and thoughtful songs. In among this are superb guitar solos, awesome drum work that proves to be a huge part of that authentic, raw sound, some brilliant hooks, and some consistently passionate and endlessly capable vocals.

Can’t Get It Right offers a creative yet satisfying set-up and something of an anthemic feel in terms of the rhythm, the stops and starts, and the central melody and its contrast with the gentler, more spacious verses. Monsters follows and offers layers of delicacy and desperation in a hopeful, melodic and emotional plea. A simple touch of piano adds yet another memorable element of character. Nothing is overdone, clever decisions are made that strengthen the moment and the artistry of the writing, and this is true of the entire project.

Metanoia is an absolute highlight, simple yet brilliant riffs and another anthem-like hook, great rhythm and a totally interesting, considerate string of lyrics. Contrast is utilized superbly – a professional at work who knows how to make sure a hook hits with impact. Furthering that point, the song The Day I Fell From The Stars leaves a mark for its difference to what came before. There’s a mildly psychedelic, synth-led ambiance to this and a dramatic sense of weight. A superb song and undoubtedly another highlight – a personal favourite.

U Can’t Beat Me adds an indie-rock pace and a sense of instrumental fullness to the playlist. The energy peaks and the rock and roll aura rains down around you. Great guitar work and again a subtle yet creative rhythm section. Spare Me afterwards injects conceptual depth and showcases some gorgeous vocal qualities as the music falls away – this tone and style laid bare work beautifully.

Exploring human relationships and the individual’s role within the world, With A Whole Lotta Heart further the listener’s understanding of the artist as a deeply thoughtful creative. The switch to the major chord optimism of the chorus is unexpected but makes for a moment of brightness in among what surrounds it. As suggested, the songwriting is what leads the way on this album, and that’s a valuable and enjoyable thing to witness in the age of vast musical prowess.

Take Control fuses indie-rock and melodic keys for another memorable moment that takes full advantage of artistic set-up and contrast. Afterwards, Kiss The Flame stands out for its theatrical nature – the performances and the various stages make for a striking listening experience. Then to finish things up, Fight 4 Your Life fills the room with a motivational energy and an equally inspiring string of lyrics that together leave you feeling energizes and ready to roll. This and so many of the songs on this album would make for a huge moment at a live show with a vibrant crowd. A pleasure to discover and listen to in full.

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