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Junior Love is Gone


Junior’s single Love Is Gone is one that swiftly evolves from simple pop to outstanding soul-rock within a few short minutes. Where the verses have a certain delicacy about them, a quietness even, the hook pours through as this completely unexpected moment of brightness – a choir of voices, a multi-layered rock soundscape, and a wonderful reminder of acts such as Queen and Prince alike – a fine fusion of royalty.

From a songwriting perspective, Love Is Gone is quite brilliant – the contrast between those gentle, whispered verses, and the absolute weight and strength of the chorus, is hugely effective. In addition, to consider the general artistry of the release, Junior is a personality and performer who puts his all into his music. Even during that subtle introduction, you can hear the passion and the poignancy in his delivery, and with the accompanying video you can also see this; which reinforces the song’s realness and adds further to its appeal.

Junior is an artist I’ve not stumbled upon before, but this song makes me extremely glad that I did. The surprise factor when the first hook hits is a big part of that gladness. It’s not easy to take the road less traveled by, harder still to do it in a manner that works well and captivates. This song moves quickly from being this personal, intimate exploration of honesty and deep thought, to a mighty moment of togetherness and colour.

Contrast has been utilized and indeed mastered, so the whole thing feels like a huge experience. There is of course an element of anticipation that can be heard during the verses, a sense of upcoming intensity, but the fullness, the choir effect, the brightness, is far from the direction you expect the track to move in. It’s a great set-up and the single hits brilliantly as a result. I look forward to hearing more.

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