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July Flatline (Official Video)


Simple sound design that tips its hat back to the dawn of smooth RnB, alongside soulful, emotive vocals, and a heartfelt story-line that poetically digs deep into the complexities of love and loss – London’s July impresses and engages with ease for this latest single.

Emerging complete with a simple yet professionally captured set of visuals, Flatline welcomes long-form, near-whispered, expressive verse lines, effectively taking inspiration from the quicker outpourings of artists like The Weeknd.

However, the hook introduces a notably brighter, pop-RnB moment of connection, which proves easily memorable in the way that effective, addictive pop music needs to, and also touches on the pain of separation and loss in a boldly relatable manner. The balance works well.

Introducing an artist at the top of his game vocally, with a somewhat refreshingly humble approach to production and song-writing, Flatline is a welcomed nod to a simpler time – and a worthy testament to the talent and drive that July brings to the stage.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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