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Juliana Hale Dollhouse (Feat. Wande)


Juliana Hale returns with a bang as this bass-heavy, dark-themed alternative pop anthem Dollhouse hits the scene.

Emerging complete with a hazy video depicting the entire crew united in street dance moves and colourful, retro outfits, Dollhouse feels like something of a quirky remix of a pop single. The vocal line takes things in one direction melodically, then we get this bass-thick, trap-style backdrop to weave in a completely different style and mood.

The latter half brings a welcomed rap verse from Wande, faultless in rhythm and wordplay, confidence and tone, elevating the whole release with further dynamic and notable skill. The resolve back to the song’s hook, this barbie concept and metaphor, works all the more effectively after the shift.

An interesting take on modern pop, which blends genres in a fresh way and shines further light on the fine balance between nonchalance and absolute intention that makes up the Juliana Hale sound.

Check out Juliana Hala on Instagram. Download or stream Dollhouse here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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