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Julia King Cannonball


Julia King’s sound is something like a smoother Shania Twain style, with perhaps a slightly deeper tone and a little more blues rock and soul at its core – leaning more towards Sheryl Crow as things progress. Cannonball is a huge song, not musically intense or heavy, but striking in the way it builds up and in the contrast as the verses lead into the hook.

From a writing perspective, the song is refreshingly interesting – the melody feels completely new, particularly during those verses. Most melodies have undoubtedly already been crafted somewhere, in some form, at this point in our world – it’s rare to come across one that feels wholly original. This is a fine quality you find within the quieter moments of Cannonball. What lets this song really connect though is that the verses pave the way towards that hook, and that hook is where things do feel a little more familiar. It’s comforting; this is the quality that lets pop music work on such a vast scale.

In addition to the melody, the organic make-up of this track is equally refreshing – it feels genuine, you can hear the live aspect, and you can appreciate the musical intricacies all the more.

While the song works well as a piece of art in itself, the artist at the heart of it is undoubtedly the thing that gives it further appeal. King’s voice is perfectly suited to this sort of development and changing level of passion. The song’s concept is one that will reach out to those who just haven’t found that special someone with their shared level of fire yet. Julia King expresses this and indeed meets the needs of the rising melody in an authentic and mesmerising way, throughout the song. The hook hits in the manner that it does because of her unquestionable ability to carry the whole thing along.

Cannonball is a great song, made greater by a more than worthy artist at its forefront. Find & follow Julia King on Facebook & Instagram or visit her Website.


Rebecca Cullen

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