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Jules Verne Theory One Hit Wonder


Jules Verne Theory’s One Hit Wonder takes a very classic, electronic dance music rhythm and energy, and fuses it with a string of notably striking lyrics that offer both a story line and a reflective collection of somewhat poetic ideas. The music soaks you in a fairly high level of energy, one that comes with a touch of retro ambiance not dissimilar to the likes of Depeche Mode or other such breakaway bands of similar descent.

The chords and notes chosen throughout showcase an effective range that allows for a powerful contrast between the verse sections and the hook. The underlying aura of those selected makes for a fairly dark, even haunting vibe, yet the intriguing and unusual nature of the lyrics, as well as the brightness of the chorus, presents something much less intense. Again, this use of contrast works wonders. The song progresses and evolves in a number of ways, yet you never cease to feel that beat, that rhythm, that energy – the consistency of this draws strong connections with the essence of EDM; the passion and power on loop – finding yourself caught in the moment and never having the music let you down.

The structure of the song itself means that at the same time as this hypnotic, comforting ambiance is continuously surrounding you, things are kept ever changing elsewhere. You never tire of the unfolding story, there’s always something new and interesting to look out for, and that switch from the melancholy of the verse to the slightly left of joyful chorus makes for something memorable and fresh. There’s plenty of nostalgia in the sound, but there’s also an abundance of individuality, of new ideas from an unpredictable perspective.

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