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Judgemetal Belong


Judgemetal bring audiences a heavy yet crisp bit of hard rock music. Their latest track Belong is structurally complex and thoughtful, complete with melodic verse sections, varied riffs, a distinct use of reverb and an undeniable level of passion.

The use of melody in the verses is a big part of what makes their sound unique. The vocal performances here have something of an indie rock energy to them, it’s a good moment within which listeners can get a clear and concise hold of the lyrics, the meaning behind the music, and at the same time feel a little closer to the creators at work.

The track on the whole doesn’t comes across as your average heavy metal recording, at times there’s something of a Rage Against The Machine Vibe, and consistently there’s a strong presence of songwriting – songwriting first, perhaps, as opposed to instrumental weight. Everything added thereafter, every musician’s role in the sound, is present to enhance and support the underlying concept and the underlying energy and emotion of the piece. The melody winds around in a simple and hypnotic manner during the verses, then there’s this brilliant build up, the added vocals in the background, the musical intensity beginning to rise, and finally the superb hook section – the resolve, the moment at which every moment meets and the sound and the concept conclude and satisfy.

The track continues to develop in a way that further suggests a certain thoughtfulness having been involved in the writing process and the setting of structure. The guitar riffs spiraling out of control towards the end keep the mind engaged and mesmerized, and then of course the heaviness of the vocal screams bring that pinnacle of emotion and passion. The way the band fuse creative songwriting and melody with this heavy metal edge is impressive, and unquestionably memorable. The track stays with you, as all effective music should. Hopefully there’s much more to come from these guys.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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