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Judex Long Live The Judex


Fresh from the dawn of punk and classic rock and roll, yet soulfully doused in a heavy hit of contemporary indie and the raw sound of Philadelphia – The Judex return with an absolute bang as this brand new EP hits the scene.

Loaded to the brim with infectious, anthem-like hooks, addictive rhythms, and mighty guitar solos, Long Live The Judex brings together the band’s unquestionable passion for the process and their engaging, interesting manner of songwriting in a bold and immersive way. All of this is indicated by the opening track alone – Be Mine explodes into the room with such likeable audacity that it begs for you to listen once more as soon as it’s over.

Summer Never Ends follows and injects a beach-side vibe that reignites the long-lost fling that is our love for the summertime. The melody and voice follow a similar rise-and-fall, wave-like progression, and the set-up also keeps things very much in line with the Long Live The Judex aura. The mood is fresh though, the pace and the concept light up a new part of the consciousness, and the desire to move or drive faster (don’t though) grow all the more intense.

Impressive production really helps the tracks on this new EP stand tall. The volume is there for you, and the clarity, yet still this authentic, nostalgic or vintage tone – the doubled vocal sound, the live drums, the up-front nature of it all – tip their hats effectively to the pure energy and expression of a simpler time.

Arrangement is important, as ever, and Sweet Hatchback arrives just in time to offer a soulful, shoulder-swaying, almost Elvis-like, neo-romantic piece that mellows things out accordingly.

Enter Madame then leads with a near-medieval-style riff that’s easily recognisable once it’s crossed your path. Faster vocals come next, a rising drum pattern that proceeds to intensify. Increasingly so we realise how born-to-perform this vocalist truly is – and how at one with the band and the songs on this EP. Contrast is also utilised well, between the lows and the highs, the tremors and the smoothness – the romance and the uncertainty.

Pouring a little power-chord weight and high-octane energy into the process is an aptly titled Affair of the Poisons. The melody rises and falls again, the story intrigues and draws you in further with each short verse line. The quickness and juxtaposed density of it all makes you crave a live show.

Lyrically Harbor Moan seems like the most interesting and poetic, bringing things to a rather memorable finish. Great vocals, a strong story and concept, and some brilliantly immense, gritty and distorted guitar work between lines – really prompting you to crank up the volume those last few notches just before things come to an end.

Quite the journey, and a band forever doing their own thing – and doing it well. Long Live The Judex indeed. Enjoy.

Download the EP Long Live The Judex via Bandcamp. Check out our in depth interview with the band. Find & follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated.

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