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Juan Minatta Run Away


Juan Minatta leads with heartbreakingly honest lyrics and blissfully emotive, clean-cut vocals on this brand new and revealing single Run Away.

Leaning towards both the integrity and realism of the singer-songwriter world, and the colorful, crisp set-up of pop, Run Away is a softly expressive, hypnotic and intimate song, which connects for its purity and longing for something different.

It’s a decidedly relatable concept, sadly, and the way Minatta has arranged and performed the song makes it incredibly easy to engage with and lose yourself amidst.

Despite the pop production qualities, which help elevate the whole thing and really brighten it up as it pours through the speakers or headphones at volume, you can also easily appreciate the organic instrumental set-up. Flickers of guitar, gentle keys, hints of rhythm in the distance – and, as mentioned, that naturally emotive, unaffected and unhidden voice.

There’s something incredibly satisfying and rather addictive about this release. The opening line alone draws you in for its familiarity, perhaps amidst far too many of us – I’m tired of everyone telling me who I should be.. Feels like the weight of the world is so heavy on me. The very mood and sentiment of the song speaks so loudly to the vast uncertainty and weariness that has swept the globe this year.

Beautifully crafted, not reliant on any flashy or fake details or traits – far from it. An honest depiction and performance of real-life feelings and the inherent desire we all experience sometimes, to simply run away from it all. Really well done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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