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Jsy Dear Jane (Love Drug)


Fresh from the album Love Drug, Dear Jane leads with character and a captivating story-line – all emerging alongside of a smooth and mellow jazz-hip-hop beat.

Jsy takes the time to craft something delicate and thoughtful here, addressing a significant other in a calm and genuine way. It feels heartfelt but not melancholy, so the vibe just works; the music and the vocals walk in unison to create the right kind of ambiance around the listener.

The track appears during the latter half of the album and so it stands out among its peers for the personality and the concept. Even as a single though, there’s a clear theme to the song, and Jsy’s voice adds further to the sense of identity that it offers. If you were to hear this coming through on a radio station, among some of the world’s latest mellow groove hip hop tracks – for example – you’d likely remember and recognise this for its genuine touch and the level of lyrical detail. There’s also an authentic touch of emotion to the vocal performance – sometimes it’s joy, when reminiscing or traveling down memory lane, or when thinking of love in general, and sometimes it’s a dash of regret; though this is never overbearing and never comes in at the cost of consistency or an ongoing flow and aura.

The track has a great energy about it, there’s no difficulty vibing to this or letting it play out. At the same time, there’s something inherently likable about Jsy’s writing and his vocal tone. You get the feeling that his music is made from a sheer love for creating and for hip hop in general. That kind of connection to the art form can’t be faked, and this track flows naturally for all of these reasons and more.

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