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Joy Jeanette Body Moves


Body Moves is a great song, every time it plays out there’s a distinct level of character and personality that comes through in the sound. The musical backdrop has a unique twist to it – a vintage kind of bass line, a mellow and soulful ambiance, but also; Joy Jeanette’s lyricism and performance are undeniably true to her own artistic approach and style. It’s always a pleasure to listen to, there’s a creative freedom there for certain, but the recording and songwriting also tip their hats to some very classic soul tracks from way back when, and for this reason there’s an element of nostalgia thrown into the mix, which adds another reason to love the track.

Production wise, the music is fairly minimalist – when you break it down – but there’s a level of thought that has gone into it to ensure that the style and swagger of the original song is maintained and appropriately emphasised throughout. The music falls away when it needs to, drawing your focus to the leading lady’s vocal performance and lyrics, and then it all rises back up again – giving you that finish, that resolve, which all good songs depend upon.

The track is loaded with mellow vibes and so it’s enjoyable to listen to, but much more than this, it gives listeners a glimpse of a unique artist. The prospect of more music from Joy Jeanette is exciting, you can’t possibly predict which direction it will head in, but you can have confidence in it being true to the sound and style you know and love from the artist. Creative freedom is a thing to be celebrated, and there’s always plenty of room for soul and rhythm and good vibes. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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