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Josy B. BTW


Retro bass-work bubbles up for a quirky production thread as Josy B. introduces her brand new pop single BTW.

Melodically light and varied throughout fast-paced moments and more brief ones alike, BTW showcases the delicacy and character of Josy B’s voice in a way that feels naturally at ease within this colourful setting.

The production undoubtedly elevates things, gives the song personality and a recognisable edge. Then there’s the voice, breathy and soulful, leading towards the RnB styles of a simpler time but with that essential modern quickness and creative twist for a necessary relevance.

Emerging complete with a lyric video and set of images that further the confidence and care-free immersion in the moment, so openly celebrated by the song, BTW proves a subtle ear-worm of an indie hit. The release keeps things light yet catchy, and forever highlights a professional, faultlessly skilful approach to both performance and sound-design.

Check out Josy B. on Twitter, Instagram & her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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