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Josh Menon uglyboy (Feat. Ovvl Eyes)


Conceptually intriguing and melodically infectious, Josh Menon and Ovvl Eyes join forces for a dreamy and revealingly vulnerable uglyboy.

Blending the colours and rhythms of electro pop with a contemporary manner of self-awareness and uncertainty, uglyboy tackles the modern search for self and the struggle of the outsider or misfit, as it brings together musical optimism and lyrical pessimism under the blanket of alternative production.

Featuring lo-fi rhythms and subtle sound-play, the song has a minimalist arrangement with subtle details of character, proving familiar in set-up but fresh in subject.

The resulting track increases the intensity unexpectedly after the half-way point – the vocals are suddenly passionate, and every previous layer of instrumental combines for a fuller, more explosive final quarter; ultimately gifting the release an immersive, memorable latter half, which emotionally connects for its clear relationship with the storyline.

Perhaps a slow burner but all the more likeable in being so – again, a style relevant to the topic at hand; not immediately appealing but with definite worth underneath it all. uglyboy proves a catchy, fairly addictive alternative hit. A pleasure to escape into for a while.

Download uglyboy via Apple. Check out Josh Menon on Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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