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Josh Birdsong Complex Context


Josh Birdsong’s latest release Complex Context is all at once interesting, stylish, smooth and rhythmic to the point that the music becomes this blissfully melodic, even hypnotic, necessary part of your life for the short time that it plays out.

The artist’s voice has a certain freshness and character to it, a realness, as well as a genuine level of effortless soul; all in all very subtlety offering up something new. Much more than this though, the song is so well written. The evolving melody, the poetry, the varied sections – it soon becomes familiar and intensely satisfying as far as musical escapism goes. The apparent vagueness or the less blatantly obvious subject matter of the song (when compared to the somewhat deafeningly obvious nature of much of mainstream pop) is something that speaks volumes for the artistry of the release.

The voice is great, the music is great – unique and equally characterful, at the same time as following those known pathways that lead to something comforting and enjoyable – but the songwriting is something else. There’s undoubtedly such a thing as trying too hard when it comes to writing, but this seems to be the very opposite of that – the intriguing detail of the verses captures your attention from afar, the simplicity of the lyrics in the hook offer just enough substance to pull you in, and the surrounding musicality and the general way in which the artist presents this music and these ideas is hugely appealing and more than enough to keep you compelled and interested once you’ve arrived.

It’s refreshing to listen to, the musical backdrop is blissful – particularly that reverb soaked guitar riff – the evolving soundscape and song writing are captivating in so many ways.

The EP Where The Light Bends will be available on August 28th. Find & follow Josh Birdsong on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.


Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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