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Joseph Trem Ruminations


Deeply personal and divinely organic – Joseph Trem pairs boldly contemplative and revealing story-telling with a simple piano and voice presentation, for the compelling and evocative Ruminations.

For the opening verses, the real-time piano sets the pace with a back and forth, two-chord progression – each line refusing to resolve as the anticipation builds. Then as we lean towards the chorus, the passion intensifies and the melody finally brightens, for this ultimate realization and longer-form, almost RnB-like shift towards the conclusion.

As this structural set-up gathers momentum, Joseph’s voice too follows suit – evolving from humble, folk-like softness through to a much more soulful, impassioned and powerful outcry on behalf of separation and lostness.

A fascinating folk-pop single of solitude and heartbreak, the vulnerability of Ruminations is gifted a sense of warmth and relatability for its melodic movement and the subtle changes in energy throughout the performance. Just piano and voice in its entirety, the pressure is on the lyrics and delivery to keep things interesting, and Joseph Trem utterly masters this approach. The song is genuinely intimate by nature, and the presentation reinforces that realness and honesty to a level that captivates and provokes deeper introspection in the listener.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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