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Joseph Rutakangwa Avani


“No words needed, our hearts converse, in a language so deep & diverse.”

An ever-creatively unpredictable Joseph Rutakangwa writes from the heart once again, for the vocally unmistakable, humble yet dance-pop-infused single Avani.

Somewhat nostalgic in its multilayered pop presence and this heavier beat, Avani contrasts traits of contemporary design with subtle Gospel-style harmonies and a smooth leading melody, in order to build a calming, immersive listen.

Already noting tens of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, Avani maintains the fresh melodic stylings of Joseph Rutakangwa’s natural style, and lyrically devotes itself to appreciating love and inspiring a sense of similar gratitude in the listener.

Featuring more than a few superb lines that feel deeply poetic and uplifting in their imagery and presence, Avani showcases both metaphor and personal anecdote in mild yet effective doses. As such, the completed single is an easy and enjoyable place to escape for a while.

Artistry and romantic adoration walk hand in hand, for the intimate and lyrically beautiful Avani.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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