Joseph Q - SMARTPHONE (Feat. Shaq Dup) - Stereo Stickman

Joseph Q SMARTPHONE (Feat. Shaq Dup)


Clearly taking tips from contemporary hip hop but more notably rolling with a decidedly creative edge, Joseph Q’s Smartphone effectively meanders throughout fresh territory.

From the opening riff and chord progression, the familiar loop followed by the uncertain rise, things feel cleverly recognisable and unknown all at once. This same quality continues throughout, not least of all with the modern concept and the contrasting freedom with which it’s approached. From the first vocal feature to the second, dynamic pours through with multiple flows, hints of melody, and a distinct personality switch.

In terms of the songwriting, the hook again lingers somewhere between pop and alternative – offering a subtle, anthem-like quality, but simultaneously feeling like a completely left-of-centre, unpredictable and non-mainstream piece of music.

In every case, Joseph Q underlines a fair sense of identity as an artist. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes him in the future.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Joseph Q on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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