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Joseph Pagano More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)


This is a song that appears to have the raw energy of punk rock but with the easy going realness of acoustic folk. The presentation is acoustic for the most part, it’s an organic sound that generally comes across as part of a live show. It’s a well performed piece with a great sound that fills the room with a beautifully joyful vibe, despite the somewhat negative imagery presented in some of the lines – something that simply makes for a more memorable story line, and actually comes across as more of a laid back set of references than a deep concern.

The melody of the track is a familiar one, the classic country rock structure is immediately recognisable, though the songwriter’s approach to storytelling has that personal stamp all over it and really makes for a fresh bit of energy. The lyrics are unique and interesting, thought provoking yet simplistic – easy to memorise and get into. Without a doubt, the song leaves you echoing its melody long after the music has stopped, that blues rock meets country twang is infectious and always brings about a good mood.

The rhythm of the piece is addictive and uplifting in every way, the leading vocal performance has the grit and realness required to make the whole thing believable, to make it really sink in. As mentioned, a live show is a must – you can feel the energy of the performance by just listening through speakers; on the other side of the world, no less. Even just a solo acoustic performance would bring about the strength of the song and the passion embedded within it. Joseph Pagano’s voice and overall style are consistently enjoyable, and fortunately he has a notable catalogue of songs to his name for new listeners to get involved with.

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