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Jordan Royale Jealousy (Feat. Frankie Metalz)


Jealousy¬†has a great hook, first of all – this is what you take away from it after listening. Next to this is an undeniably crisp and satisfying level of production, the classic energy of hip-hop has been fused with an intense, synth-heavy backdrop, making the track both mellow and thick all at once. It could be the track of the night, the night out, the energetic vibes required for that, or it could be the track for the chill-out, the after party, in a way. It’s a good place to be, the track sounds good in all contexts, and what’s more – the artist’s leading rap vocal has a lot about it that is unusual and unique.

The leading voice has a confidence and tone to it that fits in with the energy and vibe of the music really well. The flow of the performance is something to take note of. There’s occasionally a struggle in underground hip-hop to find that sound that is far enough removed from what’s already been heard, yet still all the while managing to talk about something that would appeal, or that a lot of people could relate to. In this case, the flow is what grabs your attention, the character and personality that comes through in the performance – and this is through the little things, certain inflections, certain moments – the artist comes across as being himself entirely, and that’s something hugely valuable.

The theme of the track is all that it needs to be, and as mentioned, that hook is unforgettable – the singing voice for this section really drives the melody and the concept effectively. The way the track falls away for the hook section is perfect; the ambiance rises up, the intensity drifts off in another direction, and the structure of the track really helps it leave its mark on you after listening.

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