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Jordan Green Take A Ride


Nothing like the acoustic guitar song you might expect from the photo. Take A Ride storms into your life with the spark and style of any great country rock and roll track. The song has so much going for it.

Instrumentally, the sound is big, stylish and skillful. The musicianship throughout is pretty flawless, from the drum line to the keys to the bass to the guitars, and vocally as well – the leading artist’s voice has a strength and confidence to it that carries that melody line superbly. The female harmony alongside of Jordan’s voice adds a really pleasant dynamic to the track, filling out any remaining space even further, so what you get all in all is a massive sounding piece of music; a lot of good energy, and something that is likely to make for a wonderful live experience if you’re lucky enough to catch one.

On the songwriting front, this is a song that will imprint it’s hook in your mind after a single listen. It’s not necessarily the melody alone, or even that key line – as catchy as the whole thing is at once – the musicality as mentioned, everything going on behind and around the song, really makes the sound even bigger and more noticeable. The mix on this one has been cleverly put in to place so that these live sounding instruments have that impeccable studio quality that means you can turn the track up as loud as you like and simply have it sound better and better. The added benefit of that is again the awareness that a live show, either with a big band as hinted at by the release, or even just the artist himself and his guitar, is likely to be everything you hear on the recording, and more. It’s a wonderful sound to explore and enjoy, from a wonderful songwriter.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “Jordan Green – Take A Ride

  1. I have purchAsed and listened to this
    Cd by Jordan green and played it several times
    enjoying it more each time I play it .the medley
    The lyrics the vocals are all outstAnding.
    From the opening “ITS A START” to
    The last track .they all want to get you up and
    Dance.jordan at 18 yrs old already is an
    OutstAnding singer-songwriter with a real
    Great voice.take my word,buy the cd ,you won’t be sorry.

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