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Jordan Everist Call It A Night


Jordan Everist is a producer who showcases a uniquely creative set of skills throughout his EP release Call It A Night. For something that would fit brilliantly as the backdrop to some new hip-hop or alt-pop release, the music is surprisingly unusual, the ambiance has been built up by an unexpected set of synths and sounds and it makes for something quite refreshing. Furthermore, the entire collection works beautifully as an instrumental moment of escapism for fans of electronic or ambient beats in general.

The Beginning is the opener, a track that sets a calming and slightly uplifting mood – it’s a positive vibe, offering up a touch of the Caribbean, in my opinion, but by means of electronic audio of course – again bringing it into its own lane entirely. As you progress into Before The Party, the vibe changes quite distinctly. This track has a dark or melancholy feel, the sort of haunting, hip-hop ambiance that would support the most raw or honest lyrical offerings or story-lines. Again, the music moves out and around you perfectly well in itself. The ongoing sound of the beat has a hypnotic quality that lulls you into calmness yet provokes fairly deep thought at the same time. It puts you in the zone, which, for those of us who like to re-set the head-space every now and then, works wonders for your day.

Relapse takes the darkness and weight to a whole other level. The thickness of the music, the manic, chaotic progression of the soundscape, the intensity of the leading vocal and the effects that surround and support it, all make for something that hits with heavy impact at this point in the collection. As mentioned, Jordan Everist showcases a wide range of skills throughout this four track release, and the eclecticism is far from over at this point.

The final track on the Call It A Night EP is the beautifully delicate and cool Tonight, a refreshing take on a classic – a simple sample brings a joyful touch of familiarity to an otherwise new and easy to get into rhythm and overall beat. It’s yet another hypnotic piece of music, but it has that clever touch of humanity and comfort to really leave you feeling involved and satisfied. As the fourth track on the project, this moment seals the deal as to whether or not Jordan Everist can cater to the musical desires of whoever he may be working with – musician-wise, or in terms of his audience. His skills are impressive, the sound is crisp and smooth at the same time, making it easy to get lost in, at any volume. In addition, his creativity and musical awareness really help bring his sound out into the centre of the stage.

Call It A Night has a lot going for it, but perhaps more importantly – it underlines a creative, passionate, professional producer and musician. Well worth checking out and in fact more than worthy of the time it takes to experience the EP in full. The journey throughout the tracks is a pretty characterful one.

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