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Jonny Waves Moonlight City


Having released an impressive seven projects throughout 2020, Jonny Waves is already working on the next release – a single set for March 1st – and for those new to his work, the EP Moonlight City makes for a memorable introduction.

Kicking into gear with a clearly emotive vocal style and lyricism, Emotional starts up the project with contemporary stylings yet a surprisingly pop-like, colourful and aptly emotive soundscape.

Pairing keys and bass with a stop-start rhythm and a deeply personal outpouring, the song connects for its openness and realism, and this quality rings true throughout much of Jonny’s music.

As the collection progresses, the creative production found in the opener proves another refreshing calling card of Jonny’s style. Fall Apart builds up slowly and again keeps things uplifting and immersive instrumentally. The subject matter draws further upon those emotions and depths touched on in the first track.

Walking the line between rap and melody, keeping musical creativity at the forefront – the project is all at once contemporary and fairly genuine in reach. In The City makes for a welcomed moment of energy and late-night good vibes at the central moment.

Focused follows and creates a cinematic wash of synths and calming ambiance as the penultimate track. By now the voice has character, it’s recognisable, and the melodies all follow a similar pathway – further traits of identity for both the project and the artist.

Lyrically there’s plenty of truth to relate to, and this is what will likely make all the difference in the long run – real struggles and real determination on the pathway to bigger things.

Bringing Moonlight City to a close is the upbeat and anthem-like, contemporary sound and intention of Cash. Perhaps the most melodically memorable of the EP, the track feels familiar and again blends creative, emotional production with a more laid-back, confident and rhythmic vocal flow. A strong way to go out, and a project that speaks volumes on behalf of the artistry and thought process of Jonny Waves.

Download or stream the music here or via iTunes. Check out Jonny waves on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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