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Intergalactic kicks off this project from Jonny Englsh in an immediately characterful way. His music brings together creatively ambient soundscapes and gritty, emotional hip hop, showcasing the artist’s depth of consideration and unique approach to artistry from the offset.

This concept of Jonreless is one that’s reinforced throughout this entire album. Englsh takes his time to build these audio journeys around you, never merely taking a beat or a loop or a sample and simply pouring lyrics on top – far from it. Every track within the album builds something uniquely expressive. The musicality of the playlist is beautiful and powerful in a subtle, refreshing way. The project doesn’t scream out for your attention, it screams on behalf of those inner demons and optimisms alike, so it feels very real, and it’s consistently loaded with personality – letting it stand quite tall among its peers right now.

Lonely Nights further this sense of widespread artistry intensely. There’s nothing simple about the set-up, but the overall effect is undoubtedly calming and incredibly easy to escape to. You get a sense early on that this is his truth emerging, that these tracks had to be made out of a sheer love for the craft and a desire to get the ideas out.

Save Me From Myself is another huge example, a brilliantly epic yet still calming soundscape accompanies another notably personal story-line that holds nothing back. Running Away in Circles follows and sets a powerful scene before you. Englsh delivers with a surprisingly original vocal style that you quickly come to recognise and rely upon as the album progresses. In many cases he uses nothing but his voice to set the mood, and somehow it works, it fits – it’s the best way to be honest and uninhibited.

Jonny Englsh walks the line between entertainment and depth continuously. There are moments of sheer enjoyment, and there are just as many of emotional weight and darkness. Genie Out Of The Bottle drives with the latter of these two vibes, and Live Forever afterwards leans distinctly in the direction of personal turmoil and emotional expression. You feel fairly privileged to listen as some of these lines pour through and as the music evolves around you.

Voices In My Head is another piece that stops you in your tracks a little. The subject matter has meaning, but the mood of the music feels accessible and quite uplifting – there’s a heartfelt touch to it all, and the song’s hook is quickly memorable and quite entrancing among the soundscape. You feel less alone listening to a song like this. A definite highlight. Epiphany afterwards offers stylish musicianship and a sudden level of energy and intensity that hits with impact thanks to its stark contrast with all that surrounds it.

My Storm precedes the finisher with a multi-layered, synth-driven ambiance, and perhaps one of the most considerate and deeply thoughtful streams of lyricism. Englsh questions himself, who he is, and again it feels inclusive and honest and endearing in a totally refreshing way. This grows to be one of the best songs on the album.

Hold It Down follows and brings things to a close with a familiar, laid-back hip hop vibe and a dash of accessible melody. This entire project is easily worth a few listens to let the songs really connect. The emotion and thought that has gone into it all feels authentic, and the sound teeters back and forth between alternative rock and hip hop and trip hop repeatedly. Well worth exploring.

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