Jonathan Tanksley - Holiday Spirit - Stereo Stickman

Jonathan Tanksley Holiday Spirit


Masterfully capturing the essence of the holiday season, Jonathan Tanksley’s instrumental single Holiday Spirit sets the mood beautifully.

Building up from the familiarity of subtle bells and emotive keys, the initial energy of Holiday Spirit feels warm and inclusive, reminiscent of all of the good things that bring us together at this time of year.

Soon enough, we shift into a more electronically programmed realm of synth riffs and rhythms, the energy rising to lead us towards the excitement and celebration of Christmas, before settling us back down for that evocative final quarter – prompting gratitude once again, and unity; a sense of all being well.

Impressively composed, genuinely original with its balancing of the organic and the imaginative, and quite refreshing in its intricate instrumental state – no vocals or lyrics to redirect things, just immersive music and gorgeously structured for a memorable, uplifting listen.

While the classics will always be there, the originality and creativity of well-built new singles light up the Christmas season in a whole new way. Holiday Spirit is a fine testament to that truth. A wonderful single and a great way to enhance the natural enjoyment, wonder and magic of Christmas.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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