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Jonathan Tanksley Darkness Looms


Creative producer Jonathan Tanksley smoothly intertwines the abstract and the actual, with the melodic and atmospheric undertones of mysterious electronic dance track Darkness Looms.

First employing cinematic details that take their time to set the foundation, Darkness Looms initially feels like the introduction to some independent horror film. The intro is extensive, mysterious and vague yet well-rooted amidst the darkness implied by the title.

Soon enough, the energy and momentum begin to build, an ultimately nostalgic synth downpour meeting with trap-style rhythms and vocal samples for an all the more unsettling yet infectious listen.

Barely scraping past the standard three-minute-mark but feeling vast and intricately purposeful regardless, Darkness Looms skillfully encapsulates the idea suggested by its title. Producer Jonathan Tanksley showcases not only a love for the escapism of electronic music, but a keen ear for compositional design, detail, and storytelling – the latter of which is a crucial and uncommon strength of his music; something that will no doubt continue to set his work apart as future releases proceed to emerge.

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