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Jonathan Cavier Blue Room Remix


Songwriter Jonathan Cavier returns today with a fully remastered album release entitled Blue Room Remix. The music storms into action with the brightness and uplifting energy of his sound – the musicality and production really bring out the strengths in his songwriting and weave colourful webs around immediately memorable melodies. The title track sets the bar high and things continue in a confident and easy to enjoy manner throughout. The music brilliantly backs up the essence of these songs.

Jonathan Cavier writes huge songs, the sort that wouldn’t seem out of place on a classic collection of rock anthems or ballads – those albums that make up the bulk of so many road-trip playlists. This album is loaded with hits that would sound perfect on a long drive. From the offset that bar is set, and as you progress through the songs the arrangement highlights the varying moods, the artist’s awareness of what works, and his ability to keep his audience satisfied with frequent yet not overbearing shifts in energy. The movement from Blue Room to When You Come Around showcases the high energy and musical brightness in later contrast with the gentle and perhaps more emotional, acoustically centered simplicity. His versatility as a songwriter is unquestionable, and yet you warm very quickly to the sound of his voice and the classic, flawless presentation of the music.

There’s a distinct sense of identity to these songs and this provides the all important thread throughout – the Jonathan Caviar stamp of character and creativity. All the while, the strength of classic songwriting and musicianship works its magic. Arriving just in time for Christmas, these newly re-polished songs have a certain sparkle to them, Hollywood is a good example. There’s a warmth and joy to the sound, it’s always musically full and crisp, and every single track has something melodically effective that stays with you for quite some time.

The album is out now – December 1st – listen on iTunes or Spotify. Find & follow Jonathan Cavier on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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