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Jonah Melvon 1099 (Mom and Pops)


Jonah Melvon more than delivers on this latest single. Fresh from the album RainWater Project, 1099 (Mom and Pops) reignites the fire from the days of smooth RnB and soul-pop, with its delicate groove and some superb vocal performances throughout.

Even with that clear level of nostalgia to the overall vibe of the track, the finish and the style of the delivery – even the concept and certain, specific lyrics – gives the release a definite air of contemporary freshness. The vocal hook or the sung melody makes for a classic RnB moment that’s easy to get into, but on top of this you get the equally calming yet rhythmically shifted rap flow, and meanwhile – the soundscape softly but surely offers up further intricacies that help paint an even more mellow and dreamlike mood.

The organic backdrop intertwined with what is a fairly classic hip hop beat helps add an element of jazz to the track. You can picture a live show, a live band all united in this moment. The song’s concept too reaches out to connect in a manner that feels relevant yet new – these ideas work for you, but they’re presented in a way that seems uncommon, and for this reason it intrigues and appeals all the more-so.

Various subtle details that flicker in and out of the soundscape help reinforce the undeniable originality that lets the track stand out right now – the electric guitar, the piano, the choir of vocal harmonies; even the use of space and the way the music quietly breathes in and out.

Jonah Melvon drives with a clear love for music and for the good vibes it can offer up to an audience, and that’s what you take away from this single. The album in full is one that’s been compiled with a fine balance between skill and passion, so it makes for an impressive and enjoyable playlist.

RainWater Project is the full-length album – stream it on Spotify or download it via iTunes. Find & follow Jonah Melvon on Twitter.

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