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Jon Omen Hearts Bleed Fire


Emerging complete with a visually captivating video, Jon Omen’s Hearts Bleed Fire is a refreshingly interesting single, with a classic electro-pop sound and a touch of eighties melody and bass-warmth.

Conceptually fascinating, the single draws you in from the very beginning – these deeply personal lyrics detailing an unexpected story-line, progressing through the layers both in writing and in the scenes depicted before you. The combination intrigues, holds attention, and the song increasingly wins you over for its unique writing and stylistic power.

At around the two-minute-mark, Hearts Bleed Fire reaches a whole new realm of artistry – the soundscape drops in to its full force, multiple layers of synths emerge, the vocal reaches crisp and passionate peaks and is joined by a chorus of other anthem-like, almost tribal-style voices.

The energy rises and rises, the video more than meeting the needs of this evolutionary shift. And what’s more, rather than simply being interesting or unusual, the song satisfies in a classically pop-inspired manner – the hook is superb, addictive and enveloping as it pours through again and again towards the end.

Fantastic song-writing, fresh and engaging, easily memorable. Hopefully this is a strong indication of what we can look forward to from Jon Omen as the months and years go by. At the very least, Hearts Bleed Fire is defiantly one for the long term playlist.

Download or stream Hearts Bleed Fire here. Check out Jon Omen on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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