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Jon Chirico For Jamel Myles


Jon Chirico is an artist with a passionate and heartfelt approach to songwriting that shows in unwavering levels in his work, particularly in the song For Jamel Myles. The song’s subject matter is perhaps a difficult pill to swallow, the lyrics lay out the details of the boy at the centre of the story, and the artist’s vocal delivery and guitar playing stick to a very distinct style and melody line throughout as this poetic outpouring fills the room.

In many ways, the song feels like a stream of consciousness – an artistic reaction to pain and tragedy that is honest and fairly raw in presentation. At less than three minutes in length, the song holds tight to your attention with the simple chord progression and the melancholy tone in the vocal delivery. The melody weaves out and around you with its simple use of notes, so your focus is on the words, and that opening line is one that makes clear the weight and importance of the issue at its core.

The issues of homophobia is one that all too many people are familiar with, it’s absurd that it still exists to such a devastating degree even today. Jamel Myles’ story has been told here in an open and painful manner, which is really the only way to tell it – and it needs to be told if we are ever to see the end of this hatred and evil at the core of bullying and prejudice.

The song is presented in a manner that makes clear the turmoil of the story, it breaks your heart to listen, and you can hear that it means a lot to the artist performing it – which gives it all the more poignancy as it plays out. The photograph on the YouTube clip brings it all home even more so.

After listening even just two or three times, the song imprints its suffering upon you in a simple but effective way. You ponder the issue for quite some time after hearing the music. Hopefully Jon Chirico’s writing continues to reach people in this way and adds even more to the world in the way of inspiring togetherness, acceptance, and kindness.

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