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Jokpop Lazer What I Do


Devoted to the artform and showcasing a lyrically focused debut single as a result, rapper and artist Jokpop Lazer details the climb towards success, with the mellow yet inspiring, anthemic What I Do.

Kicking into gear with a softly vibe-setting progression and classic, heavy rhythm and bass, What I Do utilises the simple repeat of its title and hook to lay down the foundations throughout the entire first minute.

After this point, the music veers towards creative and dreamy, while the verses too shine further light on the intricacies of Jokpop Lazer’s story and intentions.

Homemade yet authentic and heartfelt in being so, What I Do is simple and to the point – the hook loops through the mind after listening, and that keys-led chord progression walks hand in hand with the rhythmic vocal presence of this moment.

Motivational at its core but also a fine testament to the plans of the artist moving forward, the story reflects on the past and simultaneously looks towards the future with bright eyes and a burning passion for the process. As such, the voice of Jokpop Lazer makes itself known with ease, and that tone and sense of character, the varied and almost spoken-word-style flow, should all prove recognisable across any new releases to come.

Also committed to the video format and with over 4000 subscribers to his name on YouTube alone, Jokpop Lazer entertains the masses on all counts. His sudden growth on the platform has proven exponential of late, and with the launch of the new single, and the work ethic to match, things look set to explode all the more so in the coming months and years.

Download or stream What I Do here. Check out Jokpop Lazer on YouTube, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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