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Johnny JC Too Late / X25


Fresh from the immense new album X25, having already racked up an impressive number of plays, Johnny JC’s Too Late brings together addictive songwriting, infectious melody, the rhythm and swagger of hip hop, and a raw acoustic energy that helps really keep things fresh.

Not only is the soundscape uniquely original, balancing that classic bounce with a live-sound that would undoubtedly translate awesomely to the stage, but Johnny JC showcases himself as a quickly likable, faultless performer and lyricist. He’s a story-teller, his words captivate, and this track is a worthy introduction to an album that proves equally impressive.

Elsewhere that creativity continues to shine in a totally engaging way. From the colour and joy of Drop Top, back to the impeccable flow and pace of a breathless Lion, the entire playlist feels fairly legendary. Johnny JC puts in the delivery of a lifetime, whilst presenting the appearance of being carefree and not taking himself too seriously. You get a fine balance between the heavy concepts and the lightness and infectious grooves of the tracks.

JC pours his soul into the process, but he matches it with uplifting appreciation for the little things. Bad Habits is just one example of both qualities uniting.

Every beat is fresh, every vocal focused only on the best bars and the most addictive, memorable hooks. Creativity reaches immense peaks throughout, and the whole thing leaves you wondering why the hell you haven’t stumbled upon this before.

A smooth vocal tone with just enough rasp to give it a well-lived, soulful vibe, superb stories and smartly crafted, long-form bars, flawless delivery, stunning soundscapes that hold your interest throughout mellow and manically hopeful vibes alike. What’s not to love? Turn this up loud.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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