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John Mateer New York Sound


Nostalgically ambient indie guitar-pop sets an instantly enchanting mood, as songwriter and artist John Mateer’s single New York Sound softly fills the room.

Pairing electric guitar and programmed drums with reverb-soaked vocals and poetic images of a ‘wild village, unruly town’, New York Sound is subtle, even minimalist, yet still creates an immersive vastness in its melodic and rhythmic embrace.

Barely a few moments into listening and the track feels familiar, reminiscent of the indie alternative sounds of a simpler time, but also intriguing in its sense of story and setting.

Album artwork for “John” by John Mateer (2024)

Just two minutes and nineteen seconds in full, New York Sound stands tall on the echoing rise and fall of its guitar notes, the electronic softness of the beat, and these intriguing, almost Depeche Mode-like vocals; which contrast the electronic aspects with a clear sense of folk-like intention and story.

New York Sound is the first single to emerge from the upcoming album John, set to release on February 4th. John Mateer’s own backstory is unique in itself, and as such, his approach to artistry is distinctly evocative, interesting, and well-worth tuning in for.

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