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John Jay The Answers?


Atlanta’s John Jay has released a powerful collection of songs entitled Sunday Music, a project which explores a number of topics and musical directions, and includes the blissful rhythm, good vibes and uncertainty of The Answers? 

The music that pours through as you press play is vibrant and uplifting, it’s a bright and energetic soundscape that comes with a touch of nostalgia, though the finish is undoubtedly fresh and well polished. John Jay’s performance is one that works in unison with the beat and the instrumentation, as opposed to merely sitting on top of it. His lyricism presents a string of stories and ideas, his flow evolves throughout, remaining relevant to the moment at every turn, keeping you interested, and furthermore, never failing to surprise you.

The music has the lightness and peace of a lot of recent Vlog soundtracks, the flow alongside of this offers the necessary humanity and character to bring it back down to the ground a little. It’s a strong introduction to the thought process and creativity of the artist, and the vocal rhythm and tone quickly becomes familiar, impressing you consistently, making itself known and recognisable. The pace increases and falls away intermittently, as stated earlier – the artist’s awareness of structure has lead him to craft his tracks in a way that appeals and that keeps you focused and involved from start to finish. And then when all is said and done, you can rely upon the track for that necessary lift, that energy boost when the day feels long.

The final few seconds add significantly to the surprising aspects of the track, breaking the mood entirely and re-directing your attention to a very particular voice and sound and issue. As mentioned, it undeniably makes itself known. Hip-hop fans will feel refreshed by this music.

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Rebecca Cullen

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