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John Gusdon She’s Not Mine


Esteemed songwriter John Gusdon brings heartfelt storytelling to the forefront of country pop, with the likes of the beautifully evocative single She’s Not Mine.

Emerging complete with a cinematic series of visual scenes reinforcing the Western twang of the music, She’s Not Mine is a heartbreaking ode to a love lost in time.

Contrasting images of unity and warmth with poetic darkness and difficulty, She’s Not Mine captivates for its striking artistry and the clear professionalism and appeal of everything from the structure to the organic instrumentation and delivery. The song is an ear-worm with an edge of poignancy – a melancholic center that connects for its humanity and vastly relatable realism.

To follow, the recently released Forgive Me My Angel slows things down further still, and instantly creates another movie-like sense of escapism and emotion that’s compelling. An acoustic country arrangement keeps things intimate and reflective, subtle wind pipes adding a touch of personality, and all the while the anticipation rises as these poetic metaphors and memories gather momentum.

The song builds up towards a huge chorus, a pop-rock moment of passionate expression, with a smooth and gentle resolve to wrap things up afterwards. The accompanying video was made in dedication to Ukrainian soldiers, and naturally extends the evocative weight of the experience.

In every case, John Gusdon as songwriter promises equal parts individual honesty and audience awareness. The result is a collection of a timeless country pop singles that connect and impress as effectively as any mainstream contender.

Another single worth knowing about is the softly finger-picked and nostalgic The Audience Who Knows Me – a release with darkness and light united at the helm, and one more blissfully uplifting chorus blending musical brightness with heartbreaking realization and acceptance. The questioning nature of the lyrics helps really invite the listener into the story and these difficult circumstances.

Finally, the more upbeat power and gratitude of My Special Heaven, the latest single, adds a welcomed dash of possibility and euphoric togetherness to John Gusdon’s repertoire, and lifts the mood for its country joyfulness and inspiring celebration of love.

With songs also in the pipeline across a range of collaborations, including one to appear on Heidi Hauge’s next album THE OCEAN OF LONELINESS, John Gusdon’s commitment to the craft is undeniable. As a longtime novelist, the storytelling and literary prowess of these country lyrics hits with particular impact. Passion and precision work together, and the music speaks volumes on behalf of that.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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