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John Consalvo Into the Apocalypse, Part B: Still Hope


Capturing attention from the outset with crisp guitars, drums, and the unignorable opening line “There’s something creepy in the next room…” – John Consalvo returns with a bang this season, for the superb new rock album InTo The Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope

Containment Profile does a fine job of introducing a stylish indie-rock sound and catchy manner of songwriting, rising up for a heavier chorus and to ultimately showcase the passion and versatility of Consalvo’s leading voice.

All at once we get the anthemic vibe, the rhythm, groove and conceptual intrigue. John’s lyrics are as a gripping as his riffs, and these qualities continue throughout this album.

Unconfined by genre and instead guided by intention and topic, Into The Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope maintains eclecticism and identity across 12 original tracks.

For Where To Go we shift into an acoustic folk warmth of strings and softer layers. Still that voice is unmistakable, and once again the lyrics are instantly captivating, relatable yet complex, and intriguing enough to get you tuning in all the more closely. An easy early highlight, a driving anthem at its peak but with a softly contemplative alternative side to the moments between.

Heavier nostalgic grunge vibes pour through for the simple yet striking Inquisitation, conceptual provocation and ferocity of pace uniting for another change of direction.

Then the atmospheric and heartbroken delicacy of Create In Me hits with sincere impact, a moment of stripped-back wonder and personal longing, building up brilliantly as Consalvo guides us from the deeply intimate to the all-inclusive and vastly inspiring; with a soaring electric guitar solo to wrap it all up.

Suddenly the project feels like a best-of collection, from an artist on top form in everything from interesting writing to vocal character to musicianship.

A boldly colourful and catchy groove lightens the mood but with juxtaposing lyrical depth for Hello, Are You There?, before the classic metal tone of Consalvo’s voice falls right into place for the high-octane floor-filler On. After getting lost within the music and movement, the lyrics draw you back for a closer look at the underlying aim of the work, and the whole thing hits with a new level of power.

Raw distortion and long-form melodic scenes elevate the storming presence of Where the Rainbow Ends, while cinematic fragments create a more low-key space for acoustic romance, as the wonderful Bells Are Ringing delivers an impressive look at Consalvo’s natural strength as a solo musician and performer.

We Can Make It? brings back the New Metal force of multiple layers of guitar, bass, rhythm and effect, as John delves into a gritty Led Zeppelin twist of energy and unity. This yesteryear purity continues into the evocative and again acoustic Captured – a piercing moment of longing that screams out to connect the artist to his audience in a uniquely revealing way.

The sheer weight and fun of riff-led rock and roll strikes up again for Jailer vs Archangel, before we turn one last time towards the briefly unplugged, for a poetically compelling and epic closing track A Sound.

In many ways, John Consalvo has encapsulated the turmoil and poetic escapism of the past few years with this project, exploring the search for self, for God, the ache of isolation, and the essence of hope, whilst providing a soulful and uplifting array of faultlessly-crafted rock tracks.

Featuring Cade Legat on drums, with production, bass, keys, banjo and additional guitars from Tyler Mays, the album Into the Apocalypse, Part B: Still Hope will release on all platforms July 21st, along with a double CD combining Part A (2021) and Part B shortly thereafter.

An immense and mighty album – absolutely worth a few streams at volume this summer and beyond.

Pre-order the album via Apple. Find John Consalvo on Facebook & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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