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Johanna Breed Mister


Fresh from her debut EP, Johanna Breed’s Mister is a creatively spacious and rhythmically entrancing new song, with a quirky alt-pop aura and a generally fresh, enjoyable melody. The whole thing actually grows more and more addictive and immersive as it progresses.

From the offset, the first thing to grab you is this organic riff that paves the wave towards the claps and subsequently the full beat. Then it’s Johanna’s gentle yet quick delivery of the central melody. There’s a simplicity to this moment, and opening with it was a strong choice in hindsight. What follows is a longer-form verse melody and a musical complexity that seems genuinely creatively free. This is where space works its magic, a select few layers are all that’s needed to intrigue and keep you interested. On top of this, the quiet moments work brilliantly in setting up a heavy contrast with the colorful drop to the hook. The music suddenly brightens, grows fuller, and that opening melody returns with its now familiar vibe and something easy for the listener to cling to.

All of this works well in itself, but the latter half of the song is something else entirely – so much more pours through that works greatly in the track’s favour overall. The melody changes, the mood with it, then you get this rise up from near-silence to a choir-loaded sense of togetherness and rising anticipation. Simple repetition accompanies this evolution, easy to get swept away by, and as the energy rises the warmth of the instrumentation fills the room beautifully. In the end, this is an incredibly unique and fascinating song – from an artist with an original sound and a creative approach that seems free from concern or direct influence.

Check out the EP here. Find & follow Johanna Breed on Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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