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Joe Sciacca Change (Flosik Remix)


Musician and artist Joe Sciacca offers up a fresh take on his single Change to kick off 2021 with a brilliantly creative, immersive dance-pop vibe.

Leading with uniquely indie-soaked vocals, accessible and genuine, Change goes on to explore the concept implied by its title in a manner that’s both deeply personal and broadly relatable.

The hook in particular makes for an anthem-like moment of unity, melodically infectious and conceptually on point – particularly considering this year we’ve all just shared.

There’s a touch of country-pop to the writing style, something that shows itself most notably during the verses and throughout the vocal delivery. The hook drops in beautifully, quickly elevating the song from good to great – a defiant contender for a mainstream hit, should the right audience manage to find and start rightfully sharing it.

Great song-writing, and a powerful remix that injects a late-night EDM aura to brighten up the song’s embrace all the more so. Well worth a listen at volume.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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