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Joe Gang Blazè


Blazè by Joe Gang is a powerful, beautiful, and deep cutting endeavor into a level of emotion seldom discussed in the rap and hip hop genres. The title itself a poignant reference to both smoking and the attitude of complete emotional withdrawal. Blazè is a single with a meaning that you wont often find in today’s scene. A cutting piece of infidelity and indifference, Joe Gang manages to produce a piece of deeply personal art that has all the tenets of a solid and sold-out single.

Opening with a beautiful and melodic piano piece, giving way to a solid beat, Joe Gang lays out the story of a deeply depressed individual who can’t find it within himself to rap, eat, sleep, or think straight. “You don’t know it but I know about that other dude, You don’t know it but I know it: That you love him too.” – a lyric that hits you harder than any beat in the song. The impetus for the offset in the mood. The Hard-hitting truth that extends beyond the song, the artist, the genre, and through time: the feeling that you can’t stop loving her and you can’t stop her loving someone else. The suicidal musings and blasé attitude toward life that follows exhibits the namesake of the song. The track slowly breaks through to the realization by the singer that he, too, was not a perfect partner.

Blazè is a deeply personal offering – in a market that seems to sell the topical and the cordially relatable, Joe Gang took a risk in producing this single. The gamble has paid off, in my opinion, as the results are a track that isn’t just topically relatable, but deeply felt across scores of music fans from every genre. Blazè is a song that can be heard, understood, and truly felt by anybody, regardless of their musical preference – which is the true mark of a masterpiece in any genre.

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