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Jo Potter Tonight


Jo Potter’s return this summer brings a brand new album of classic hits, which, as always, gives the feeling of it being an impressive and must-have best-of or compilation project.

Great pop-rock songwriting and musical set-ups meet with quickly addictive hooks and the simple passion and expressive, meandering nature of Potter’s vocals.

The title track as an opener is all of this, an easily memorable and comfortingly familiar piece of pop-rock that utilizes contrast brilliantly. Building up from spacious and near-whispered verses to the ultimate resolve of a mighty hook, the song is all at once radio-ready and enticing enough to suggest that a live show is where things would really come alive.

As the project goes on, hints of Americana and folk-rock intertwine with that accessible, emotional writing style in a manner that holds tight to your interest right the way through.

Over and Done follows the opener and introduces a similar structure but leads with a new instrumental backbone and a slightly grittier leading vocal from Jo. Complete with a simple yet addictive riff, the song feels a little Fleetwood Mac-like on occasion, and at other times gives of more of a Pretenders vibe. Jo’s voice in particular sounds stunning in this setting. A brilliant song that grows to be more enjoyable with each revisit – nostalgic yet new enough to excite classic and contemporary music fans alike.

Elsewhere the songwriting refuses to fall below par, though the mood and pace of each track has been cleverly incorporated – making for a playlist that’s eclectic and unpredictable enough to really entertain and entrance its listeners.

The songwriting is something else, this album presents hit after hit, and always beautifully performed. Whether the moment is high energy, set to get you dancing, or mellow and reflective of personal, intimate issues, Jo Potter’s voice is striking; perfectly expressive and naturally connected to the stories at hand. For You (Seraphina’s Lullaby) is a stunning example of the gentle latter. Then, You’re Amazing is an inspiring and empowering piece with a sensational hook. And later – No Apology falls stylishly somewhere between the two moods.

The playlist in full is an absolute must and an easy go-to for fans of classic, intentional and skillful songwriting. The acoustic versions at the end of the collection help reinforce that natural ability and depth that is the writing style of the whole project. A gorgeous new album from Jo Potter. Well worth including in the long-term playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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