The songwriting is something else, this album presents hit after hit, and always beautifully performed. Whether the moment is high energy, set to get you dancing, or mellow and reflective of personal, intimate issues, Jo Potter’s voice is striking; perfectly expressive and naturally connected to the stories at hand.

PopPop Rock

Producer Jamit pays tribute to the late King Stitt on this track Taeb Ecnad (Dance Beat in reverse). Historical context aside though, this is one of his most enjoyable releases to date.


There’s a hypnotic quality to this extended musical journey that overtakes any need for structure or change. There’s a sense of growth, sure – the layers intensify just slightly, but you start to question whether that’s actually happening or whether it’s simply your mind making it appear that way.


Partly organic, partly fresh from the depths of electronic mayhem. There’s drama & tension, presented in a powerful way. It’s a journey well worth experiencing at volume, and a concept we all need to consider a little more attentively. 


The piece starts off with beauty & softness, which soon descends into a heavy pit of movement – an industrial throbbing – then these tribal flickers of noise & consistent energy fill up the outer layers. You can visualize this conveyor belt of processes – the systems being the thing that’s valued, not the people who operate them.