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Jimmy B and the Death Rattles Animal


Kicking off a brand new chapter in their journey, with a fresh line-up and a whole new hit of enthusiasm, rockers Jimmy B and the Death Rattles keep things raw and upfront with this catchy new release.

Featuring a refreshingly home-made, authentically indie video to reinforce the fun and high energy of the track, Animal is every bit the alternative anthem its title and distorted guitar riffs imply.

With simple yet addictive bass work to keep things heavy and to warm up the room, the track incorporates multiple vocal layers, both male and female, for a truly dynamic hook that’s simple yet satisfying as it repeats and resounds; echoing through the room and begging for you to join in with its chorus.

Undoubtedly a band who revel in the live aspect of writing and performance, one to look out for in the coming months as the global music scenes shift back into gear, Jimmy B and the Death Rattles lead with a clear passion for the process. Uncomplicated and unafraid, Animal introduces the band and their style in a genuine and unavoidably infectious way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

2 responses to “Jimmy B and the Death Rattles – Animal

  1. Rebecca, thank you so much for that glorious review. Life for me at the moment is terribly challenging and heartbreaking, so this has made my day. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Jimmy, so sorry to hear that, I hope things start looking up soon. Thank you for the comment, it’s my pleasure and I wish you all the best with the music and the world around you – take care!

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