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Jimi Wasabe Far & Away


Music has no color, it has soul – Jimi Wasabe.

It’s a beautiful quote to open with and a powerfully relevant way to introduce the wonderful artist that is Jimi Wasabe. Far & Away is a hugely unique and refreshing song. What at first emerges as a soft natured ballad with a gentle jazz backdrop, soon erupts into a full on funk and soul driven musical escapade, complete with a sensational saxophone solo.

With every moment, Jimi Wasabe’s leading voice performs accordingly – the subtle moments are represented with blissful tenderness and intimacy, and the bigger, bolder moments are catered to with absolute power and passion. The moments of closeness in comparison to those that are, essentially, far and away, create a clever contrast – the performance and the structure of the song, the way it’s been composed, all reiterate its essence brilliantly.

The song’s intro is gorgeous, the simple, organic rhythm, the inspired piano part, and of course the very first few graceful notes from the singer himself. The development of the track is the sort that brings an uplifting energy into the room, motivating you, prompting hopefulness and a positive attitude – looking towards the bright side of life in general.

Lyrically the song has a laid back sense of expression, the start of something special, the fun the and the emotion represented in equal parts. There are moments of genuine longing mixed in though, the final few moments of the track return to the minimal ambiance of the intro, and the last words you hear remind you of the distance, the strength of the love regardless, but still that touch of sadness and how it feels to miss someone. The song expresses everything about the sentiment behind it in an impressively real and relevant way, and it sounds beautiful. An artist to look out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

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