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Jim.E.Watts Musical Therapy


Jim.E.Watts manages to melodically seduce and lyrically impress on this surprisingly organic, uplifting and often near-acoustic new album.

Bringing together an array of influences, leading with a hip hop backbone but a notably spacious and heartfelt pairing of soundscapes and vocals, Musical Therapy is almost entirely the ambient calm its title promises.

My Mind kicks off the project and introduces the unique and characterful style of Watts’ music in a bright and beautiful way. Real-time guitar work accompanies a classic hip hop beat, albeit relevantly light, easy going, and a voice that’s quick to make itself familiar and comforting in being so. More than this though, there’s a subtle layer of emotion to the performance – gentle intricacies give off a feeling of authenticity – which makes the subject matter and the passion at the heart of the writing all the more easy to connect with.

As Musical Therapy continues, the experience becomes less of one to be assessed and analysed – a newcomer to be quietly judged and weighed up – but one to be simply embraced and to appreciate the return embrace that it offers. Even as Different Perspectives kicks up, a new groove and a new level of energy and creativity, still that reliable and refreshing air of artistry stands tall.

Jim.E.Watts works his magic in a number of different ways on this album, each one proving just as enjoyable as – yet completely unique from – the last. A clear awareness and understanding of the importance of melody and music shines just as brightly as a considerate and genuine approach to lyricism. For all of these reasons, Musical Therapy is a no-brainer – a definite recommend, and a pleasure to spend an hour with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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